Asbestos Removal Sydney

To that last demolition/asbestos video. And just in case you missed it, I’ll leave a link to it in the description box below. So make sure you check that one out first. Now today’s video, I’d like to bring in an asbestos expert for us to have a chat to. So make sure you stick around, because this should be a good one.[pause] S And I apologize for the slightly reddish kind of hue. It’s just that we’re standing on a red floor. Yes, a red floor with a white ceiling. And that’s not the best combination for shooting video, or for anything else for that matter.[background noise] S Is this an Australian video or what!S Thanks fellas, on cue.

So here we are talking with Peter Green from Green Brothers Asbestos Removals.How are you mate? Speaker Good, Shane. How are you? S Good mate, good. Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated. Now, Peter is a licensed asbestos contractor and you’ve been Asbestos Removal Sydney doing it for how long now? S Me and my brother, years, each experience. And then, we’ve been set up for four years now at our own Asbestos Removal. beautiful.

Now Peter and Rob are the guys who are doing the asbestos removal for my renovation. Now what I thought we’d do first, Pete, is just go over the legalities of removing asbestos, and then, look at taking a sheet of asbestos off a wall, and then look at how to dispose of that properly. Does that sound good? S Sounds good. Let’s get it done. S Let’s do it. So, from a legal point of view, Pete, how much can a Di Yer remove? S Legally in Australia, it’s square meters. Anyone at home can do square meters.So if your job becomes over square, then you need to get a professional opinion. If you’ve got a piece like that, that needs taking off, then legally you’re allowed to do it. S So really, square meters is basically.

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