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For another days and so in baton rouge and veneration that wasn’t done until about days after the storm or so we were kind of wanted it to be done and they only extended it for more day sand I out I would be surprised if that were extended but with that being said do not do not assume that it’s going Tobe extended don’t wait until the day after the storm hoping that you know you’ve got extra time this process if it’s process and so the process takes time and so you know just just like every other adjuster you know I energetic shows up you know they’re not going Tobe you know be able to turn over comprehensive.

Report in a short period of time so you know you really want Roget ahead of this you gotta take ownership in this and and and if you’re going to do it yourself great but just make sure that that that you’re cognizant that that you know all of these these deadlines are coming up bandana and the the -day deadline even fits extended is is critical for the flood policies to to be aware about.

You that there are some guys here that you’re going anywhere yes yes ah I i think we’re going to take one more question I hate that everybody off but we don’t want to keep that one too late and got a big game or forget when you get their vote you said if he went with his last question is what’s the differences from Lisa what’s the difference between hiring a public adjuster in a private people of Walmart’s what I’m how did you find that well the the difference I thinks is degree you know it is one of-degree you know it’s almost a a a twofer with a law firm that’s experience in this type of work that has experience of gestures that are on staff for them the feast typically are not any different but they the you know.

latest very very latest alright so we have our insurance with state farm down here for when we comedown here we were trying to go with Allstate wasn’t taking any new customers because of Hurricane risk and a lot of other companies were not taking customers or they were more expensive so we went with state farm actually we only had contracts that we were running.

I didn’t bother with rental insurance but when we bought the house we got insurance through state farm state farm went through an Top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida insurance company a different insurance company to state farm was more but how it works is we went through state farm so we get the multi discount now the thing is that company decided not to ensure people anymore so we ended up with Tower Hill Tower Hill is pretty much the biggest insurance company here in Florida so we were with them most of the six years that we have this house but through state farm this is that state firms doing this is our Hill the grip issue that I’ve been talking.

About the last couple videos i wanted to read you the letter that Tower Hill had sent us okay it says your policy will expire on January fourteenth and will not be renewed please contact your insurance agent for assistance and replacing your coverage with another company thank you for the opportunity to serve you during the past year and then the reason for non-renewal says unacceptable risk for exposure birth is worn with visible conditions of granule loss of shingles shingle roof more than year sold so I i spoke with state farm and it turns out even if i fix the roof and get it done and inspected in time

which is next to impossible because to get inspected takes time and has nothing to do with getting a roof on and actually I had to remember for came together but if I had done by November for King they still want to ensure us so it doesn’t matter what I do throw power hell does not want to ensure they went out and state farm had told me that they had five customers this.

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